Streaming of memories, events unfolding, tales, lives, words not spoken flying through our minds… People crossing their paths, violence spurting, love shining bright, death always lurking.



Salio è un platformer ambientato in uno stravagante universo steampunk.

Il protagonista, una sfera, principe caduto e ultimo erede di una stirpe di esseri perfetti, dovrà riconquistare il trono che gli è stato rubato risalendo i frammenti di una città sospesa nel vuoto. Dovrà fronteggiare una società di bizzare creature. Molte, ostili, ostacoleranno il suo cammino. Alcune, forse, saranno dalla sua parte.


Tangled Tails @ GameOver 2016

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Tangled Tails @ Svilupparty 2016

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They Call Us Monsters

2F.FINALThey are relentless. They keep coming forward, destroying, burning, slaying… With no respect for anything or anyone.
Since they landed on the continent they began to expand. In the first centuries they grew slowly and peacefully, then with arrogance began to claim new territories and to impose firm authority on all other living creatures.
Then it came the bloodshed… They got rid of the other species in a whirlwind of violence.
They thought to be empowered to plunder the environment and every living being they met, raiding villages and enslaving the survivors.

They call themselves “humans”.

Hello World!

We are a small group of ECP (Exquisitely Creative People XD) & videogames enthusiasts. Our aim is to share our universe with the whole world!

We are now working on “They Call Us Monsters”.


They Call Us Monsters is an atmospheric story-focused tactical game set in a unique and wonderfully crafted fantasy universe.


Play through many characters’ stories and progressively discover how the events unfold!